128 Series Configurator 129 Series Configurator
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Inflatable Line Stop (ILS) System Configurator, 128 Series Plugging Systems

Enter Quote Request Reference
Enter Imperial Conversion Drawing Key
Pipe Size, Nominal
Pipeline Head Pressure
Select Standard Item
Pipe Schedule
Pipe OD to Valve Outer Flange
Tapping Valve Flange
Click Desired Item Click Item for Info Price Estimate
Element Change as needed Drawing Key
Pipe Wall Thickness
Pipe ID
Plug Inflated Dia (Plug will be customized if necessary for the pipe ID)
Plug inflated Cylinder Length
Plug Inflated Overall Length
Plug Deflated Length
Plug Deflated Bundled Diameter
Minimum Required Plug Inflation Pressure ( 2 X Pipeline PSI)
Rated Plug Inflation Pressure
Tap Hole Size
Launch Cylinder Diameter
Launch Cylinder Length
Valve Length (Estimated)
Packing Seal Thickness
Retraction Ram Mount Thickness
Lock Collar Set Distance
Inflation Ram Length
Required Ram Diameter
Centering Anchor Length
Overall System Length with Inflation Ram Extended

Quickly Block the flow without depressurizing the pipeline!

Choose the Inflatable Line Stop (ILS) system  based on your requirements.
    Highest Pressure: 
129-0 Series
    Highest Flow Rate: 
129-8 Series
    Smallest Tap Size: 
128-0 Series

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